One of the most common questions I get asked by new patients seeking compensation for a work injury is: how do you treat back pain? As one of Miami’s federal workers’ compensation doctors, I have seen many different patients who suffer from terrible back pain that keeps them from working. My experience is that you have to go to the source of the pain and treat the underlying condition in order to see lasting results.

If you’re a federal worker and you’re experiencing back pain as a result of your job, read on to find out how we treat this common problem.

It Depends on the Injury (and the Doctor)

How federal workers’ compensation doctors treat back pain depends on the type and severity of the injury in question. From my point of view, surgery should always be a last resort. Too many doctors recommend surgery to treat back pain. While opioid medication is necessary for some patients, it also should not be prescribed as freely as we see today. As a chiropractor, I focus on delivering drug- and surgery-free treatment to my patients so that they don’t have to worry about addiction or complications from surgery, which can lead to more pain.

When patients come to see me, the first thing we do is discuss whether they are a good candidate for the treatments I have to offer. I don’t recommend patients for things that aren’t going to help them, or worse, that could hurt them. But once we decide that they are a good fit, these are a few of the treatments that I offer.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation helps to increase mobility in the spine through applied pressure to immobile vertebrae and joints in the shoulders and hips. Sometimes tissue injury—often the result of a work injury, such as lifting a heavy object incorrectly—causes the joints to become restricted in their movement, which can lead to excessive wear and improperly aligned posture and movements. Over time, these injuries can lead to severe back pain.

When I treat my patients, I evaluate their condition and apply pressure to the back and joints where necessary.

Spinal Decompression

The spine is made up of bones and a jelly-like substance housed inside the cartilaginous discs between the bones. When these discs are injured, either through a single traumatic occurrence or from repetitive movements and postures, the fluid inside the discs can bulge and rupture. When this happens, the discs can press on the nerves surrounding the spine and cause pain.

While other federal workers’ compensation doctors might suggest surgery for bulging or herniated discs, I always try to keep things as non-invasive as possible. Spinal decompression takes away the pressure causing the fluid to bulge or rupture the discs. Over time, spinal decompression promotes self-healing and reduces the pressure on the nerves without the need for surgery.

Get in Touch with One of Miami’s Best Federal Workers’ Compensation Doctors

While the above treatments are very effective, they are not the only treatments that I offer. To find out more about my treatment options, take a look at the services menu on this website. Want to see if you are a good candidate for treatment? Contact me today.