When you’re in pain, even the simplest tasks can feel grueling, especially if it’s your back that is hurting you. Fortunately, there is a simple way to treat many forms of back pain that does not involve invasive surgery or addictive pain relievers—spinal decompression. This painless treatment gently stretches the spine so that it can heal from the constant pressure that it undergoes daily.

If you suffer from pain, talk to your doctor about this treatment. Still wondering why you should try it? Here are five reasons you should consider it.

It’s Less Expensive Than Other Treatments

Spinal surgery can leave you tens of thousands of dollars in debt. In addition to that, it’s not always completely effective and can come with some nasty side effects and complications. Spinal decompression is much less expensive than surgery.

It’s Effective for Back Pain

One of the reasons that you can develop pain in your back is because your discs are compressed. When the discs become compressed, they can press on the nerves surrounding your spine. The pressure that the compressed discs puts on your nerves is what caused the pain. Spinal decompression relieves this pressure, thus relieving the pain.

It’s Safe

Unlike surgery or medication, spinal decompression doesn’t have many adverse effects. When you undergo non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, you have a minimal chance of becoming injured. If you are worried about becoming injured, speak to a doctor about your options.

Recovery Time

With spinal surgery, you could be looking at weeks if not months of recovery time, not to mention the time that you’ll be spending in physical therapy. That’s a lot of time to be spending in recovery when you need to be earning a living. With spinal decompression, you get to walk out of the chiropractor’s office and go about your life between treatments.

It’s Quick and Convenient

Spinal decompression is also extremely quick and easy. Most sessions take between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your situation. Because the treatment is spread out over the course of several weeks, you can schedule your appointments when it is convenient for you. Between sessions, you will be able to do most of the activities that you usually do, so there is no drastic change to your life.

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On a side note, we just got some new equipment that we think is going to be revolutionary for our patients’ spinal decompression treatments. To learn more about our new spinal decompression machine, check out our recent blog here.

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