If you’re a federal employee injured on the job, you’re going to want to know what the benefits are for federal workers compensation. Here’s what to expect from your benefits and how to tell if you’re eligible.

What Does Federal Workers Compensation Cover?

For more than 2.6 million federal and postal workers, workers’ compensation benefits provide support in the event of work-related injury and occupational illness. Federal workers who are injured are entitled to payment for their medical bills, any out-of-pocket expenses including medications and medical supplies, and rehabilitation expenses. While injured workers may choose their medical provider in the first stages of treatment, the OWCP must approve any changes later on.

When federal workers’ injuries prevent them from working, federal workers compensation ensures that they receive full wages up to 45 days from the date of the injury. Once 45 days have passed, wages will decrease to two-thirds of the normal pay for those with no dependents and three-fourths for those with one or more dependents. Injured workers who are not capable of returning to their usual line of work can qualify for loss of earning capacity benefits, which pay the difference of the loss of income between pre-injury work and post-injury work.

For injured workers whose injuries require professional help for day-to-day activities, the OWCP has an attendant allowance that can cover up to $1500 to help with the costs of hired help.

Am I Eligible?

Federal workers compensation is available for federal workers hurt on the job, but benefits may be denied if the cause of injury was any willful misconduct, the intent to harm self or others, and intoxication.

Typically there are three basic requirements to be eligible for federal workers compensation:

  • You are a federal employee
  • You must have an injury or illness that is a result of your work
  • You must meet the deadlines for reporting your injury and filing a claim

Filing for workers compensation benefits requires filling out paperwork in such a way that shows causation between the accident and the injury. Because federal employees cannot sue their employer to recover costs, it’s critical to do things right the first time and to receive the right treatment for a quick recovery.

Treat Your Pain and Get Your Federal Workers Compensation Claim Approved

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